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Maria, Warren Wilson Welcomes You! :: Welcome Maria!

For you, 



A invitation to meet some great new people.

The people who make Warren Wilson special. 

People who share your values.

The men and women of tomorrow.

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More than a college. An adventure.


An Invitation for Maria and the Mason family...


Explore Warren Wilson.


Dear Maria:


All of us at Warren Wilson are pleased when a young woman considers joining us. 


We want to extend a personal invitation to you and the entire Mason family to visit. 


You can tour the campus, meet students and faculty, and even spend a night with us. 


Please fill out the form below to let us know when we can welcome you. 


If you have questions about applying, financial aid, or other concerns, we’re here to help.


On behalf of all the faculty and staff at Warren Wilson, let me encourage you to join us on your next great adventure. 



Rachel Carson,

Professor, MFA Writer’s program. 

Arrange a Visit to Warren Wilson



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